Online Security: Are you really able to do it?

In security matters, sensitive questions may touch on the thin line that separates privacy from itself. With security requirements increasing more quickly than the time required to find a solution, it is often difficult to separate them. In any case, it is up to the individual to decide what to give up. On usergorilla you can learn more.

Xrays at airports, which are a common example, are a very common one. Before anyone can fly, security at airports scans every bit of each individual and their baggage. It’s noble at the beginning because it protects all who might be affected. Looking at the situation, we wonder how much it costs to fly safe. Or doing anything safely, if possible.

It is almost like you’re getting naked for the physical examiner. It is not something you are told to do, but you feel you should.

The tossing of privacy and freedom feels like a pingpong ball. For one to score, they must either land short of or above the boundaries. Another interesting twist is whether there is security.

Did we ever feel safe enough? Or did it happen because nobody wanted to hurt us?

It’s unbelievable that celebrity stalkers could sneak into homes of celebrities, but it forces us to rethink security. Is security really real? Is it necessary for us to give our consent to our physical examiner? Is it necessary to remove an Xray from an aircraft to prevent it being bombed. Don’t they have Xrays from before September 11th?

A secure system does not exist between an attacker’s victim and the attacker. This is highly possible with online security.

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